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The American Dream Machine

The Spahr Team is passionate about educating people on the value of homeownership and setting them on the path to attain it.

The American Dream of homeownership has long been a dream for many that hasn’t been attainable. Our focus is to help young adults at an early age with setting the stage to be successful homeowners and help them build wealth through real estate.

The American Dream Machine is something Karli has thought about for quite a while as a way to get out in the communities we serve and educate people on how to attain ‘The American Dream’ of homeownership. You might ask, ‘what the heck does a food trailer have to do with buying a home?’

We will offer The American Dream Machine for community events to give back to those that serve us (i.e. veterans, fire, police, teachers, nurses, physicians, EMTs).

We will offer The American Dream Machine to agents / builders for their events to help educate those interested in learning how to get on the path to homeownership.

We will be hosting customer appreciation events to show our appreciation to our clients for trusting us with their mortgage financing.

We will be at community events throughout the Twin Cities to help promote building wealth through real estate.

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